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DTM ODBC SQL runner  v.2012

DTM SQL runner is a free command line tool for SQL statements execution. It allows the user to specify ODBC data source name and file with SQL statement. It is suitable for batch and scheduled job execution. 32 and 64 bit versions. Free to use.

SQL Editor for Oracle

Free SQL Editor for Oracle. Colored syntax, different colors on execution and errors. Multi-document program interface. Multi-threaded execution, possibility to stop execution. Execution SQL and PL/SQL blocks. Execution single and multiple SQL statement



Omega9 - Oracle SQL Tool for the optimization of SQL statement. Increase the code quality. Maximum productivity. SQL instructions and SQL, blocks work on, store, load and implement, results of Queries indicate, format, when store, work on file and

SQLMonitor  v.1 1

SQLMonitor is an SQL statement tester software for local databases like Paradox, Foxpro or DBase. It is also an easy to use and a freeware program.

BaseNow  v.1.1.7

BaseNow is a universal database front-end desktop software for all Windows operating systems. Unlike other database programs, BaseNow works with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, and all other ODBC and OLEDB compatible databases.

SQLDbu  v.0.1

SQLDBU allows you to create edit or drop SQL tables with a simple intuitive interface. Add, drop columns, set filters and sort orders. Import from and export to dbf files. Full SQL statement interface. SQLDBU works through an OBDC driver.

EasySQL Checker for Oracle  v.

EasySQL Checker for Oracle is a SQL syntax validation tool, It can check to see whether a SQL statement syntax is valid before you actually run it against Oracle.

MySqlExcelExporter  v.1.0

Export MySql Data To XLS XLSX and CSV. Create Excel compatible spreadsheets from your sql data. Reads Mysql database tables, and easily allows export to Excel. Open a connection to your Mysql server, execute a sql statement,

ODBC View  v.3. 1. 2000

ODBCView is a free SQL query tool that allows you to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL statement to execute.

RE searcher DB executor  v.b.0.1

Searches arbitrary text input (logs, etc) for regular expression(s) matching, and then executes arbitrary SQL statement(s) with matched substrings used as parameters.

Export Query to SQL for SQL server  v.1.06.42

Export Query to SQL for MS SQL helps to save query results as a set of INSERT SQL statements. Predefined or custom separators like 'go', two identity support modes and a few options make tool flexible. The program has easy to use wizard interface.

MS SQL Server Join Two Tables Software

Horizontally merge (combine, match, union) two MS SQL Server tables into one by a common column (field) of data. The two tables are not changed, a new table is created with the results. No complicated options or SQL knowledge required.

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